Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The big reveal (Title is not yet final)

Just to get it out of the way... because I hope to have the game (in an unfinished state) up on indie games for play testing early next month. I might as well reveal the working title and main menu screen.

As for what the game is about... the title of the game is fairly indicative of the gameplay. You manage a Space Station in the Small Galaxy 'Universe' (the IP I have been working on that will  connect multiple projects), where you are greedily gather up resources from planets and other things... in order to survive.

There are more details to come... but basically this came about as I was trying to design a game that supported a non-violent world view (NOT an easy task let me tell you). So suffice it to say, there is no 'combat' per say in the game...

More details will come. Be Patient.


  1. Is this the same one that used to be Grand Theft Space Shuttle?

  2. No, but it is set in the same universe. If you read a few posts back, I explain that I changed the project to be something a little simpler and easier to complete.