Saturday, July 10, 2010

Theres a Card Game in my Board game Videogame.

So I have been playing around with the way the player performs actions in the game, and been incorporating a sort of Card Game look to the way they select their actions.

Given the fact that the game is displayed on a Hexagonal Grid Map, using cards just seems to fit. 
So if you want to go and perform a given action on a space in the Grid, you can select the space, bringing up a context card menu for that space (given what you have available at that time), and then you select the card that represents the action you want to perform.
Alternatively, you can bring up your card menu, select the action you want to perform, and then select the space you want to perform it.

The Game is real time, but this board game concept fits well with the style and feel of the game mechanics. Hopefully it will help to express the core ideas behind the game clearly to the player.

Here are some images of the cards (keep in mind that the art isn't necessarily final)

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